Resistance Chair "Super" Pack

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  • Comes ready to use; no assembly required!
  • Low-impact and smooth resistance
  • Recommended and utilized by health professionals
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Great for many post-op rehab uses
  • Lightweight and stores easily
  • Ideal for anyone with limited mobility
  • Improves strength, flexibility & balance

Product Overview


Forget picking up piece by piece products for your chair, get it all in one, awesome pack!dvd-promo-web-2401.jpg

Well, purchase this SUPER Resistance Chair kit! Everything you'll ever need to immerse yourself to the Resistance Chair Exercise Sytem family, all in one easy add-to-cart and shipped to your house directly by freight. How can you pass up getting everything all at once without a hitch?

The Resistance Chair is sturdy, commercial quality, and designed to hold up to 400 lbs.

A great way to get a workout from home! Allows many exercises from a seated position, allowing you to maintain balance and stability while performing exercises for your legs, arms, chest, back midsection, and more.

The Resistance Chair Exercise System, a compact gym useful for senior citizens, rehabilitation or for anyone looking to build up strength without the risk and bulk of weight machines. It uses elastic resistance cables to provide a wide range of exercises for your arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, and legs. Fully assembled and ready to use, it comes complete with an instructional DVD.

All Resistance Cables Can Be Used On The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher using the Dual Pulley And Saddle Hook System.

Order this Super Pack today!

Ultimate Savings Package Includes:

  • Resistance Chair Exercise System w/ Intro Cables: The core workout system, this chair includes introductory cables (levels 4, 5, 7) ready to use with the introductory DVD also included.
  • Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike Attachment w/Upright Row Bar: This accessory easily attaches to the front base of your resistance chair. The Smooth Rider uses reverse magnetic techonology eliminating any/all friction when peddaling this super smooth cycle. The upright row bar is used for chest, back, and arm workouts shown on the power ride dvd workout video. This is the ultimate in attachments included in this package. 
  • Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher II: This second-generation shoulder stretcher is an overhead attachment, locking onto the rear base of your resistance chair. This includes instructional manual and level 5 workout cables. This fitness device stretches your neck, arms, shoulders, and top back laterals. This is the perfect addition to your chair to help with posture and upper body circulation.
  • Posture Prop Back Support: This support is included in the package to keep lower backs and spinal columns straight and comfortable, to correctly work out using the Resistance Chair Exercise System.
  • Health Step Attachment: This attachment doubles as a work out tool within the introductory DVDs while sitting and standing. Great for low-impace cardio regimens. 
  • Resistance Cables Value Pack (Levels 4-9): This special value pack includes EVERY cable you'll ever need with any of the DVD workouts or freestyle workouts using the chair. Includes leves 4, 6, 7, 8, & 9. 
  • Non-Skid Seat Cushion: Add comfort to your workouts with this deluxe padded seat cushion. The rubber bottom keeps you from sliding back and forth on the Resistance Chair. One of the most popular accessories included in this package!
  • Introduction DVD: This introduction DVD, Healthy Living will walk you through each different rotation using all parts of the Resistance Chair, and get you into a routine, preparing the user for the later DVD's from excellent, low-impact workouts. 
  • FREE Leisurely Living DVD: The next step in the Resistance Chair fitness program, Leisurely Living helps you with both light cardio and daily routines.
  • FREE Strong Heart, Strong Body DVD: This DVD is a cardio and stamina based fitness video, giving you step-by-step instructions on maxmizing your blood flow and mental awareness in being healthy.
  • Better Balance and Stretching DVD: Have trouble with arthritis or tight ligaments? This DVD is for you, Better Balance and Stretching is just that: it works your core and also teaches you the importance of stretching and keeping your bones and muscles loose and in tip top shape.
  • Power Ride DVD: It's ready to start working those legs! The Power Ride DVD teaches you how to use your Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike with cardio workouts, stamina training, and helps increase your overall blood flow.

What exercises can I do with the Resistance Chair System?:

Stretching Workouts

  • Marching In Place/Standard Lift Leg Motion - Alternate between lifting your left leg-right arm, and right leg-left arm. Repeat for 20-30 repititions
  • Cross Arm Stretch - Pull your arm across your chest (alternate afer repitition) until arm feels stretched at the shoulder. Hold for 20-30 seconds on each arm
  • Arm Aerials (Circles) - While sitting in your chair, extend both arms outward and make small, tight circles both clockwise and counter clock wise. Do 20 Revolutions in each direction/each arm
  • Arm Raises/Shoulder Rotations - While sitting, lift each arm as if you were swimming backwards, with full circle motions. Repeat 20 revolutions on each arm
  • Arm Pushout - Extend your arms while lifting alternating legs. Repeat 20 repititions
  • Leg Raises - While sitting, raise each leg, alternate for 20-30 repititions each
  • Upper Body/Torso Twist - By gripping your chair in the sitting position pull your torso to either direction, stretching your spine, back, and core muscles
  • Kneeling Twist - While kneeling on the healthstep attached to the front your chair, grab the seat of your chair 
  • Shoulder Roll - While sitting, grip the bottom sides of the chair and roll your shoulders in a circular motion
Strength Exercises
  • Chest Press (Biceps & Triceps) -   While sitting in your chair rest against the back of posture prop, hold both resistance bands in each hand, extend out arms facing down for biceps and up for triceps
  • Overhead Press (Shoulders & Triceps) - While sitting in your chair, take each resistance band in each hand and extend your arms straight overhead for both a shoulder and tricep workout
  • Incline Press (Upper Chest & Triceps) - While sitting in the chair, take each band in each hand and extend arms at a 45 degree angle up and forward
  • Bicep Curl - While sitting in the chair, take each band at the foot of your chair and lift them, curling your arms
  • Ab Crunch - Take each resistance band, put them both together over each of your shoulders, coming together on your chest. Hunch over, crunching your core and abdomen
  • Lateral Raises (Shoulders) - Sitting upright in your chair, take both resistance bands from the bottom location and and lift up and outwards from each of your shoulders
  • Front Raises (Shoulders) - Sitting upright in your chair, take both resistance bands from the bottom location and lift up and forward
  • Tricep Extension - With both your palms out, take the resistance bands from behind and lift them forward away from you
  • Bent Row (Back & Shoulders) - Putting one knee (alternating) on the chair seat, take the opposite hand and grab the resistance band from the bottom location, lift so your elbow is parallel with your shoulder
  • Knee Bend (Thigh, Hips, & Calves) - Putting alternating feet on the health step attached to the back of chair, grab the back of the chair and squat
  • Front Step (Thigh & Calves) - Putting both feet on the healthstep, standing slightly higher than usual, extend your alternation feet down, streatching your calves, thighs, even ankles
  • High Kick (Thighs & Stomach) - Standing on the healthstep attachment located on the back, bottom of your chair, lift your knee to your abdomen (alternate)
  • Side Step (Hip, Thighs, & Side Stomach - Obliques) - Gripping the chair, and standing on the health step, take one foot and extend out sideways away from you