Are you a chiropractor, rehabilitation, physical therapy clinic, or a retail business owner? Do you see the Resistance Chair Exercise System as a good product for patients and customers to use as a low-impact, portable workout device that's safe and effective?

The Resistance Chair was created for a demographic and group of people that require a piece of equipment that does it all. Whether your patients are 55 or older, require mild physical therapy, or even effective rehabilitation regimes then look no further. 

We want to bring this product to your community, both on the Emerald Coast and throughout the nation and Canada. If you or anyone you know is interested in having this product showcased within their clinic or office, resell, or even available to prescribe as a self-disciplined workout device that shows results then contact us. We can work out bulk pricing (12 or more units) so you can house these chairs, show demos, or even recommend them to your patients and have our manufacturer ship them straight to their home. 

Please contact us below for more information to buy these chairs in bulk discount for your facility or business!