Resistance Chair "Rehabilitation" Pack

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  • Comes ready to use; no assembly required!
  • Low-impact and smooth resistance
  • Recommended and utilized by health professionals
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Great for many post-op rehab uses
  • Lightweight and stores easily
  • Ideal for anyone with limited mobility
  • Improves strength, flexibility & balance

Product Overview



Post-Rehabilitation customers are one of our more popular visitors. Those who are looking for not only the Resistance Chair, but any other accessory to help them with their path down mild to low-impact and slow paced physical therapy from surgery or injury.< br /> This Resistance Chair Rehabilitation Pack is just for you! The Resistance Chair is sturdy, commercial quality, and designed to hold up to 400 lbs. This pack includes all the basic essentials one needs to start things slow, on a healthy, and lightweight track. Forget buying these items separately and paying shipping, with this pack shipping is FREE along with two FREE DVDs that come with the Resistance Chair Exercise System!dvd-promo-web-2401.jpg

Resistance Chair Rehabilitation "Lightweight" Pack:

  • Resistance Chair Exercise System w/ Intro Cables: The core workout system, this chair includes introductory cables (levels 4, 5, 7) ready to use with the introductory DVD also included.
  • Lightweight Cable Pack (Levels 2 &3): Perfect for rehabilitation and start up, low-impack workouts. Highly recommended for people who require mild and slow-paced physical therapy.
  • Posture Prop Back Support: This support is included in the package to keep lower backs and spinal columns straight and comfortable, to correctly work out using the Resistance Chair Exercise System.
  • Health Step Attachment: This attachment doubles as a work out tool within the introductory DVDs while sitting and standing. Great for low-impact cardio regimens. 
  • Non-Skid Seat Cushion: Add comfort to your workouts with this deluxe padded seat cushion. The rubber bottom keeps you from sliding back and forth on the Resistance Chair. One of the most popular accessories included in this package!
  • Introduction DVD: This introduction DVD, Healthy Living will walk you through each different rotation using all parts of the Resistance Chair, and get you into a routine, preparing the user for the later DVD's from excellent, low-impact workouts. 
  • FREE Leisurely Living DVD: The next step in the Resistance Chair fitness program, Leisurely Living helps you with both light cardio and daily routines.
  • FREE Strong Heart, Strong Body DVD: This DVD is a cardio and stamina based fitness video, giving you step-by-step instructions on maximizing your blood flow and mental awareness in being healthy.