Better Balance and Stretching DVD

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Balance and stretching are very important if you have problems with your joints and muscles. This stress reducing, low impact workout gives you the slow-paced core strength and balance workout your body requires. Host Sandy Knight and her class of Resistance Chair users guide you through multiple breathing, balance, and stretching workouts to increase range of motion in your joints and flexibility in your muscle tissue.

Better Balance & Stretching introduces you to being aware of your body though really reaching your target stretches, lung exercises, and gripping motions. The more you use this DVD on a daily basis, the more results will surface in your dexterity of joints and flexibility.

If you liked Leisurely Living, you'll want to pick up this DVD immediately to get the juices flowing and your joints in full health. So, what are you waiting for? Start unlocking the potential of your Resistance Chair Exercise System with Better Balance & Stretching!

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