Strong Heart, Strong Body DVD

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This workout video introduces you to a more vigorous cardio regimen while using your Resistance chair Exercise System. Host Sandy Knight and her class of Resistance Chair users help you through reaching your target heart rate, increasing safe blood flow to all parts of the body and safely burning calories while slightly increasing your strength at the same time.

This is a low-impact intensity level workout DVD. The goal in this DVD is to help your heart grow stronger and your body able to sustain a healthy heart rate while working out. Cardio is extremely important to help your body reach its optimum level of health. Without proper cardio, more and more joints and muscles will undergo loss of flexibility and strength; this DVD counters that with a solid workout schedule.

If you liked Better Balance & Stretching, you'll want to pick up this DVD immediately to get the juices flowing and your heart rate beating stronger. So, what are you waiting for? Start unlocking the potential of your Resistance Chair Exercise System with Strong Heart, Strong Body!

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