Power Ride DVD

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Have the Short Stroke Mini Bike, Gentle Rider, or Smooth Rider II and not quite sure what you can do to expand your leg workouts? Meet, the Power Ride workout video. This workout DVD and Sandy Knight guide you through moderate-impact and continuous activity in your legs and hips. Using large muscle groups, this DVD targets the flexibility and stamina in your legs and exponentially increases blood flow after using this video for a short while.

A strong heart also includes steady blood flow, and the Power Ride DVD does just that. Increasing your cardiovascular endurance as well as blending upper body exercises (using the anchor cables on your Resistance Chair) to push the envelope, gives you the results of increased stamina and circulation you need for normal activity in your daily life.

If you liked Strong Heart, Strong Body and have any one of the bike attachments, you'll want to pick up this DVD immediately to get the juices flowing and your blood pumping at full speed. So, what are you waiting for? Start unlocking the potential of your Resistance Chair Exercise System with Power Ride!

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