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Smooth Rider II Exercise Cycle

  • Resistance Chair - Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike Attached
  • Resistance Chair - Smooth Rider II Cycle In Action
30.00 LBS
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Product Description


The upgraded version of the original Smooth Rider is worth every penny as a wonderful investment to obtaining your optimum health. The Resistance Chair Smooth Rider 2 creates resistance through magnetic forces, resulting in a quieter, smoother, and comfortable workout. Suitable for someone that wants everything out of their Resistance Chair Exercise System, this product, like the Gentle Rider, latches on to the front crossbar of the Resistance Chair. The Smooth Rider II gives you advanced but gentle workouts for both hips, feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. Optimum for those who have mobility trouble within their hip and knee joints.

Extremely durable, the Smooth Rider II is built for heavy, day-to-day use that you'd see in a gym or rehabilitation center. The rider also includes a digital display cycle meter, that shows speed, time, resistance, and calories burned. But wait, this Smooth Rider Leg System also comes with an included upright row bar accessory that gives you the option to do lateral pull exercises which benefits the back, chest, and arms. We include two of the "Level 5" resistance cables in the box with every SmoothRider II exercise cycle.

Look to the "Power Ride" DVD (sold separately) to give you the insight and workout exercises for a vigorous yet safe workout schedule for daily or weekly use. The more you use this bike, the more you'll wonder why you hadn't found it prior. So, what are you waiting for? Your health is an important thing.

Order the Resistance Chair SmoothRider 2 Exercise Bike now!

Special Note: The Level 9 resistance cables are not appropriate for use on the SmoothRider II exercise cycle when sitting sideways in the chair and performing lateral pulls.

Some assembly is required with the SmoothRider II exercise cycles. The pedals and upright bar must be attached prior to operation of the bike. This requires 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Assembly instructions and necessary tool are included.

PLEASE NOTE: Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program or using any new piece of equipment.

The Smooth Rider II includes:

  • (1) Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike Attachment
  • (1) Row Bar Attachment
  • (1) Set of Level "5" Anchor Cables
  • Assembly Tool and Hardware
  • Instructional Manual

Product Videos

Resistance Chair: How To Assemble Your Smooth Rider II Bike (06:31)
  • Resistance Cha...


  • Marjean L., Michigan
    "[It is] real easy to use the chair ... I just rolled it out of the spare bedroom and and right in front of the television and put in the DVDs ... I would recommend this my friends or anyone else."
  • John G., Wisconsin
    "I found it very to easy to use right out of the box ... and I definitely saw the results I was looking for."
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harris, Oregon
    "My husband is 87 and wanted to workout with the chair which was more convenient than his workout center ... this allows him to be more flexbile with arm and legs and balance."
    "The chair is extremely easy to use because there's no assembly at all. It was wonderful."
  • Barbara G., Texas
    "[It] was very easy to use .. It has a good build to it and ... the chair doesn't make you feel like you're gonna fall off. I purchased this because I needed to get more exercise and be healthy ... and it works."
  • Brenda C., New Mexico
    "I had a Bowflex but at my level is this exactly what I'm looking for ... We loved that there was no assembly required right out of the box. I took this to my PT trainer and he was impressed.."
Stretching Workouts

  • Marching In Place/Standard Lift Leg Motion - Alternate between lifting your left leg-right arm, and right leg-left arm. Repeat for 20-30 repetitions
  • Cross Arm Stretch - Pull your arm across your chest (alternate afer repetition) until arm feels stretched at the shoulder. Hold for 20-30 seconds on each arm
  • Arm Aerials (Circles) - While sitting in your chair, extend both arms outward and make small, tight circles both clockwise and counter clock wise. Do 20 Revolutions in each direction/each arm
  • Arm Raises/Shoulder Rotations - While sitting, lift each arm as if you were swimming backwards, with full circle motions. Repeat 20 revolutions on each arm
  • Arm Pushout - Extend your arms while lifting alternating legs. Repeat 20 repetitions
  • Leg Raises - While sitting, raise each leg, alternate for 20-30 repetitions each
  • Upper Body/Torso Twist - By gripping your chair in the sitting position pull your torso to either direction, stretching your spine, back, and core muscles
  • Kneeling Twist - While kneeling on the healthstep attached to the front your chair, grab the seat of your chair
  • Shoulder Roll - While sitting, grip the bottom sides of the chair and roll your shoulders in a circular motion
Strength Exercises
  • Chest Press (Biceps & Triceps) - While sitting in your chair rest against the back of posture prop, hold both resistance bands in each hand, extend out arms facing down for biceps and up for triceps
  • Overhead Press (Shoulders & Triceps) - While sitting in your chair, take each resistance band in each hand and extend your arms straight overhead for both a shoulder and tricep workout
  • Incline Press (Upper Chest & Triceps) - While sitting in the chair, take each band in each hand and extend arms at a 45 degree angle up and forward
  • Bicep Curl - While sitting in the chair, take each band at the foot of your chair and lift them, curling your arms
  • Ab Crunch - Take each resistance band, put them both together over each of your shoulders, coming together on your chest. Hunch over, crunching your core and abdomen
  • Lateral Raises (Shoulders) - Sitting upright in your chair, take both resistance bands from the bottom location and and lift up and outwards from each of your shoulders
  • Front Raises (Shoulders) - Sitting upright in your chair, take both resistance bands from the bottom location and lift up and forward
  • Tricep Extension - With both your palms out, take the resistance bands from behind and lift them forward away from you
  • Bent Row (Back & Shoulders) - Putting one knee (alternating) on the chair seat, take the opposite hand and grab the resistance band from the bottom location, lift so your elbow is parallel with your shoulder
  • Knee Bend (Thigh, Hips, & Calves) - Putting alternating feet on the health step attached to the back of chair, grab the back of the chair and squat
  • Front Step (Thigh & Calves) - Putting both feet on the healthstep, standing slightly higher than usual, extend your alternation feet down, stretching your calves, thighs, even ankles
  • High Kick (Thighs & Stomach) - Standing on the healthstep attachment located on the back, bottom of your chair, lift your knee to your abdomen (alternate)
  • Side Step (Hip, Thighs, & Side Stomach - Obliques) - Gripping the chair, and standing on the health step, take one foot and extend out sideways away from you

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