Smooth Rider II Exercise Cycle

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The upgraded version of the original Smooth Rider is worth every penny as a wonderful investment to obtaining your optimum health. The Resistance Chair Smooth Rider 2 creates resistance through magnetic forces, resulting in a quieter, smoother, and comfortable workout. Suitable for someone that wants everything out of their Resistance Chair Exercise System, this product, like the Gentle Rider, latches on to the front crossbar of the Resistance Chair. The Smooth Rider II gives you advanced but gentle workouts for both hips, feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. Optimum for those who have mobility trouble within their hip and knee joints.

Extremely durable, the Smooth Rider II is built for heavy, day-to-day use that you'd see in a gym or rehabilitation center. The rider also includes a digital display cycle meter, that shows speed, time, resistance, and calories burned. But wait, this Smooth Rider Leg System also comes with an included upright row bar accessory that gives you the option to do lateral pull exercises which benefits the back, chest, and arms. We include two of the "Level 5" resistance cables in the box with every SmoothRider II exercise cycle.

Look to the "Power Ride" DVD (sold separately) to give you the insight and workout exercises for a vigorous yet safe workout schedule for daily or weekly use. The more you use this bike, the more you'll wonder why you hadn't found it prior. So, what are you waiting for? Your health is an important thing.

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Special Note: The Level 9 resistance cables are not appropriate for use on the SmoothRider II exercise cycle when sitting sideways in the chair and performing lateral pulls.

Some assembly is required with the SmoothRider II exercise cycles. The pedals and upright bar must be attached prior to operation of the bike. This requires 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Assembly instructions and necessary tool are included.

PLEASE NOTE: Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program or using any new piece of equipment.

The Smooth Rider II includes:

  • (1) Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike Attachment
  • (1) Row Bar Attachment
  • (1) Set of Level "5" Anchor Cables
  • Assembly Tool and Hardware
  • Instructional Manual