Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher II

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All Resistance Cables Can Be Used On The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher using the Dual Pulley And Saddle Hook System.

The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher provides the perfect way to maintain strength and flexibility in your shoulders. Whether you have arthritis, "frozen shoulder syndrome," or other ailments relating to your shoulders, this Resistance Chair accessory is made for just that. The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher II latches on to the back of the Resistance Chair, comes with a level "5" set of anchor cables, but can use any other level anchor cables (sold separately).

The Freedom Flex also comes with a dual pulley and saddle system which really brings out the true power and functionality of the accessory. By using the attached saddle and pulley, you can then attach additional anchor cables to your Freedom Flex, providing  tension for strength training; the options are limitless. Furthermore the saddle hooks can slide up and down the pole attachment, giving the user any height most comfortable for them while exercising.

Once done with the Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher with your Resistance Chair, you can then fold it up just as the chair folds up, storing it in your desired space within your household; out of sight, and out of mind. With the combined function and convenience of this accessory, there's no reason why you shouldn't try out the Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher.

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The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher includes:

  • (1) Freedom Flex Attachment
  • (1) Dual Pulley System
  • (1) Positional Saddle Hook
  • (1) Set of Level "5" Anchor Cables
  • Instructional Manual