Anchor Cables Lightweight Pack

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Product Overview

Many physical therapists have contacted VQ Action Care and requested lightweight cable sets for specific rehabilitation purposes. Safety is the number one goal with the Resistance Chair Exercise System, and that's why this Lightweight Cable Pack is perfect for people requiring a small dose of weight to really challenge flexibility rather than strength.

Joints and healing muscle tissue after surgery or even while fighting arthritis can be strenuous in using the standard Level "5" cables included in the Resistance Chair Exercise System. These lightweight, color coded cables, orange level "2" (0.5-1lb resistance) and purple level "3" (1-2lbs resistance) can give you the feathered workout regimen you need to gain flexibility back in your joints and post-rehab ailments. Obtaining your previous range of motion is the goal in the creation of this Lightweight Anchor Cable Pack for your Resistance Chair. The more you use these level "2" and "3" anchor cables, the more you'll eventually be able to get back to the standard level "5" resistance.

Each cable is of multi-banded construction giving it the strength and durability you're looking for in a health improving investment. VQ Action Care has engineered each cable for reliability and safety, so you never have to worry about your cable failing you. The Resistance Anchor Cable locking snaps are safe, quick, and sturdy, requiring only seconds to switch out your levels of resistance between workouts.

You can use the cables for practically any accessory or exercise with the Resistance Chair Exercise System. Whether it's the Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher, the Gentle or Smooth Rider II Exercise Bike, or even the Row Bar attachment for lateral workouts, these anchor cables are universal.

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This includes:

  • (1) Pair of Level "2" Resistance Anchor Cables With Handles - Orange
  • (1) Pair of Level "3" Resistance Anchor Cables With Handles - Purple
  • Instruction Manual