Anchor Cable Value Pack

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Product Overview

Are the complimentary cables that come with the Resistance Chair not quite hitting the target workout and flexibility you're looking for? Why not purchase this Anchor Cable Value Pack including one pair of the following levels: 4, 6, 7, 8, & 9 (10 total cables). This Anchor Cable Value Pack gives you ample room to do workouts more vigorously or just casually. With each level equaling 2.5lbs, the pack ranges from 10lbs-22.5lbs of weight to exercise with. This gives you the option to downsize or increase your workout regiment without losing reps or time.

The Anchor Cable Value Pack is at a great price compared to if you purchased the separate pairs of cables, and you can't say you wouldn't like the availability of the weight range this pack gives you. It's the must-have accessory to your Resistance Chair. Most of the videos recommend certain cable levels to give you the proper workout intended for the target muscle or joints. So, why not have everything you need to really get your money's worth with the Resistance Chair Exercise System.

Each Resistance Anchor Cable are color coded and lets you tailor the resistance level of the cables to your specific needs. The cables come with strong, padded, soft handles for attachment to the ends, multi-band construction, and a polyester sheath to provide smooth and quiet operation. Each cables' anchor locks snap safely and quickly to the assembly base, requiring only seconds to switch out resistance weight with each workout.

What are you waiting for? Unleash the possibilities of your Resistance Chair with this Anchor Cable Value pack now!

Special Note: The Level "9" Resistance Anchor Cables can be used for isometric workouts safely.

The Anchor Cable Value Pack includes:

  • (1) Pair of Level "4" Resistance Anchor Cables - Blue
  • (1) Pair of Level "6" Resistance Anchor Cables - Gray
  • (1) Pair of Level "7" Resistance Anchor Cables - Yellow
  • (1) Pair of Level "8" Resistance Anchor Cables - Red
  • (1) Pair of Level "9" Resistance Anchor Cables - Greeen
  • Each Set Has Attached Handles
  • Instructional Manual