Therapy Trainer Hand Cycle: Why Upper Body Resistance Is Always Important

12th Mar 2012

Upper body strength in your elder years is very important, especially when/if you have lower body ailments and problems decreasing your quality of life. Keeping you heart rate up, your stamina solid and your daily lifestyle active is a goal everyone over the age tt-ballgrips1-500.jpgof 50+ should be striving for. We came across the Therapy Trainer HandCycle (Hand Peddle Exerciser) on the internet and was pretty impressed by its current feedback, the look of the quality, and that it's being used by the San Fransisco 49'ers. The Therapy Trainer uses magnetic resistance to give you a smooth workout much like the Smooth Rider for your lower body.

You can also use the Therapy Trainer for your legs, which is a lower resistance and an introduction-like workout if you don't want to use the Smooth Rider II Bike attachment. We plan on having this type of product in our store soon. A lot of people have been asking about an introductory lower body workout, this is smaller, lighter, but also has a fair amount of limitations including now Row bar and lower resistance than the Smooth Rider at a cheaper price. The Therapy Trainer is a big thumbs up by and we're hoping this product takes off so you can see it as well possibly on national television commercials down the road. 

The company is currently trying to promote this to certain teams in the MLB for their upper body conditioning; mostly for the pitching staff. The Therapy Trainer uses resistance to give you results, upper body workouts, and puddles of sweat from all the weight you've lost and muscle mass you've gained. 

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