Resistance Chair Exercise With Injury Series: Lower Back Pain (VQ)

27th Mar 2012

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Low back pain is an extremely common condition that affects approximately 84% of adults
at some point in their lives (1). This condition can be self-limited and resolve on its own
or may become chronic requiring intervention. Low back pain is usually secondary to
muscle or disc injury, ligament strain, emotional stress, and degenerative changes in the
spine. Low back pain is also often from deconditioned low back musculature and weak
core stabilizers. In many cases of chronic low back pain the cause remains unknown, but
exercise therapy has been shown to be beneficial..

People affected by this condition usually describe a dull, achy, or sharp pain in the low
back. This pain can be exacerbated in many different positions but there is considerable
variability among patients depending on the cause.

The diagnosis of low back pain requires the presence of typical symptoms as
described above along with a focused exam by a healthcare professional. Xray, MRI, or
electrodiagnostic studies may be considered for further evaluation.

Management of acute low back pain typically includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs (such as Ibuprofen), therapy modalities (heat, cold, electrical stimulation), and a
specific rehabilitation program. The mainstay of treatment for a majority of low back
pain sufferers is an exercise therapy based rehabilitation program such as offered by the
Resistance Chair. Other possible treatments include acupuncture, massage, manual
therapy (such as chiropractic therapy), and supportive back braces. Some patients
who do not respond to conservative treatment may be candidates for a steroid injection
(epidural) or may require surgical evaluation.

The Resistance Chair Solution
Exercise therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and improving overall
function in adults with low back pain (2). People with low back pain should engage in
a program of regular specific exercises and stretching focused on lumbar stabilization
and core strengthening. Rehabilitation for low back pain emphasizing core strength,
low back support, and posture correction result in the alleviation of pain and disability
(3). The Resistance Chair Solution addresses all these factors by incorporating a core
strengthening and stability management approach for the treatment of low back pain.