Replacement - Posture Prop Attachment

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THIS IS TO BE ONLY PURCHASED AS A REPLACEMENT PART. A POSTURE PROP IS INCLUDED IN YOUR RESISTANCE CHAIR EXERCISE SYTEM. The Posture Prop Back Support is used to increase the resistance and feel to chest press exercises and safe, upright back support while using your Resistance Chair Exercise System. It attaches snuggly to your back rest of the chair, letting you target specific muscles while preventing any unwanted back motions.

Available on in charcoal color, the Posture Prop attachment is the perfect accessory to keeping your back upright, straight, and safe. The lower back is the catalyst to most workout injuries. By protecting the back with the Posture Prop, you can safely use the Resistance Anchor Cables with ease and comfort.

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This includes:

  • (1) Posture Prop Back Support Attachment
  • Instruction Manual