New Resistance Chair Gentle Peddler Coming Soon!

5th Mar 2012

It so happens that we like to take the proper steps to helping you find the best possible fitness and health solution to any and all your problems. Here at we want to find the best products and offer you, the customer, the best in any accessories or related products that you can use with your Resistance Chair Exericse System. Way back when there was the Gentle Rider Bike Attachment, but unfortunately, the manufacturer made the call that it wasn't up to par for what they wanted to provide to their customers; and we agree 110%. Now, we're on a mission to find the best low-impact, introductory bike peddler we can find, so we can offer it to you to use with the Resistance Chair! 

The Gentle Peddler Bike Attachment will be about providing customers who already own the chair with an introductory cycling system without having to fully commit to the Smooth Rider II Bike Attachment. Now, don't misunderstand, the Smooth Rider is the creme le creme of bike attachments, but we also like to offer baby steps to those who just got out of surgery or really need help in taking it slow with muscle deteriation or joint problems. 

We always like to keep our customers in the loop, and we also like to keep updating the products we sell to our customers. Senior health and fitness is a #1 priority for us, so be sure to check back to frequently so you can see all the new products we'll be coming out with to sell in the near future!