Magneciser Bike: Your Inexpensive Alternative To The Smooth Rider II Bike

6th Apr 2012

We've talked about the Gentle Rider bike and it's creation and deletion on the Resistance Chair Market. A lot of people we come across aren't ready to throw down just as much money for the Smooth Rider II Bike attachment that they did for the Resistance Chair Exercise System. That's fully understandable. There should be some clear steps to certain products. So, we've searched far and wide and come up with something very similar to the Smooth Rider but with a couple differences and at a lower price point so you can start working out your legs without breaking your wallet.

Meet the Magneciser Pedal Exerciser Bike. The function, smoothness of the Smooth Rider Bike and the build quality are all the same. So, what are the differences then?

It does NOT attach to the Resistance Chair - but that's okay, this sturdy build will keep sturdy on the ground, giving you a solid lower body workout either on your own or with the Power Ride Bike DVD

It does NOT have the built in Row Lateral Bar with Cables - this one a lot of people aren't too worried about losing. You'll get plenty of workout with the cables on the chair, so stick with legs on a leg machine

It CAN be doubled as an upper body ergometer pedal exerciser - this is a really cool feature. A lot of the ergometers such as the Therapy Trainer are getting very popular, so why not purchase the exact same thing and get two functions for half the price!?

How much is the Magneciser Pedal Exerciser Bike?