About Resistance Chair

The Resistance Chair Gym: Introduction Into Innovation

Rehabilitation and physical therapy practices have become increasingly popular over the last eight years with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals offering amultitude of services (both exercise and medication) to aid the demanding masses.

Exercise equipment and workout video series have also been on the up with titles such as P90X, Billy Blanks Tae Bo, and equipment like the Bowflex, Ab Circle Pro, and Total Gym dominating the infomercial world. But, the problem with this whole picture is that none created a bridge to each other. Rehabilitation and physical therapy demographics extend well beyond the 21-35 year old range for the most part; and that’s what those infomercial products have been really steering toward. So, what about everyone else?

In 2004, John Bowser, Founder of VQ ActionCare, created the Resistance Chair Exercise System, a system designed to helping senior age groups with not only physical therapy, but to create a mature adult lifestyle of staying fit and healthy.

The Resistance Chair Exercise System offers a list of exercising options for seniors and people looking for self home rehabilitation during any time of day.

The chair works while being seated and using its resistance anchor cables. The chair is not only solid steel and light but its comfortableness is a plus, especially if you add the non-skid seat cushion to your order. One set of padded, handled cables are stationary at the shoulders and the feet of the chair. Your chair will also come with a patented PostureProp, HealthStep, and sets of beginner anchor cables (Level 4, 5 and 7's). You can purchase the intermediate-advance cables for more weight and tension separately. It all comes with an intro DVD called “Living Stronger” that will walk the viewer through the basic workouts. VQ ActionCare states it’s suitable for all fitness levels and medical protocols are available. This is all included for $279.99

The Resistance Chair also comes with optional attachments (sold separately) that will target other parts of the body sought out by consumers. The Short Stroke andSmooth Rider Mini Bikes are pedaling systems targeting the calves, ankles, feet, and thighs. They both come with row cables at the chest level of the user for back and pectoral workouts. The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher can also be purchased as an overhead pole that suspends another set of cables above your head for lat, back, and shoulder exercises. Additionally there’s a list of DVDs you can buy to conform to what you want to accomplish with the Resistance Chair:
• Better Balance & Stretching
• Strong Heart, Strong Body
• Leisurely Living
• Power Ride

Here's some statistics about the Resistance Chair:
• 89% of their consumers are above the age of 56
• 55% suffer from arthritis
• 37% suffer from obesity
• 26% suffer from diabetes
• 80% us the Resistance Chair to say active
• 49% use it to lose weight
• 47% use it to build muscle
• 32% use it for rehabilitation

And the list goes on and on. Resistance Chair sales are going up, returns are always on the low side, and people are constantly asking questions. Word of mouth marketing has seemed to help VQ ActionCare push this piece of equipment more than their media impressions. Even though VQ run spots on Fox News and spend upwards of $30,000 a month on advertising, people just know about this product.