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The following videos are here to help introduce not only the product(s) itself but also show you how to assemble them once they arrive at your doorstep. Make sure to pause after every step so that you can properly assemble each piece for your Resistance Chair or Resistance Chair accessory. If you have any questions or concerns you can't find within our videos please contact us here.


Resistance Chair Exercise System Quick Look:

This video will give you a very brief overview of the Resistance Chair Gym contents once you receive  it. The Resistance Chair is ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required. All parts with the chair are included under the 1 year parts and labor warranty.
Everything is going to be packed inside the Resistance Chair Box unless stated otherwise. Please make sure to check your included manual to double check the parts included with the chair gym. Please note: The promotional DVDs sometime come in a separate box from your Resistance Chair Exercise System package.
If you are missing any of the pieces, including the (2) promotional videos, please call us immediately. 
Health Step & Posture Prop Attachments:

Included in your Resistance Chair Exercise System is the Health Step and Posture Prop. In  this 
video we'll show you an overiew for each accessory and how it attaches and detaches to the Resistance Chair. 
The Posture Prop is specifically used for those who want a firm upright position while working out as well as the ability to fully stretch his/her arms when using the resistance cables. It is also recommended for those who have lower/upper back problems.
The Health Step is used for two things: For freestyle workouts found on some of the exercise videos (attaching to the back of chair) OR for those who are a bit shorter and require that 90 degree bend in your knees while sitting down.
Resistance Chair Anchor Cable Value Pack:
The Anchor Cable Value pack is considerably cheaper than buying the cables separately when you're ready to add more resistance to your chair. We'll take a quick glance at what the value pack includes.
The Value Pack is one of most popular purchases since it completes the Resistance Chair Gyms abilities. You won't have to worry about ever buying any cables again and at a very low price!
The resistance anchor cables are rated at 2.5lbs = for every level (ex: (1) Level 5 cable = 12.5lbs of resistance). 
Each of the Resistance Cables require no tools to attach and detach them. Make sure to check out the video after this one to see how it's done. 
Lightweight Anchor Cable Pack:
This item is sold separately and is also included
in the Rehabilitation Pack sold EXCLUSIVELY on Resistance Chair!
The Lightweight Cable pack contains levels 2 and 3 for those need to take their workouts very slow. 
For those having muscle atrophy, arthritis, or require a very low-impact workout post surgery, these lightweight cables are a perfect starting point to reach the standard Level 5's that are included with the Resistance Chair Exercise Sysem. One of most popular rehabilitation-based accessories you can purchase from us!
How To Change Out Your Resistance Cables:

*NO TOOLS REQUIRED* When attaching and detaching your resistance anchor cables you
simply need to follow this video or look at your Resistance Chair Gym manual. It's as easy at that! Taking the end of the of cable, rotate it 90 degrees out from underneath the cable end guard and you're done!
We told you it was simple. This video in changing out the resistance cables is replicated even for your accessories including the Smooth Rider Bike and VERSION 1 of the Freedom Flex (if you've purchased the Freedom Flex with the saddle hook - current version - disregard this video and refer to the "How To Assemble My Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher")
Resistance Chair Smooth Ride II Bike Assembly:
Want to know how to assemble your Smooth Rider 
Bike? We've got the step-by-step process right here in this easy-to-follow video.
We'll show you an overview of the parts included with your bike, and then take you slowly through assembling everything from the pedals and row bar to the LCD panel and attaching it to the Resistance Chair.
Make sure you have every piece included in the video. The Smooth Rider is heavy, please be careful lifting it, moving it around and using it. Please do not try to force any parts on the bike.
If they simply are going on as shown in the video please call us immediately so a speciliast can either resolve the issue verbally or send you a replacement piece that you're having trouble with.
Resistance Chair Freedom Flex Stretcher II Assembly:
It's time to put together your Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher II! We've got the step-by-step
 process right here in this easy-to-follow video.
We'll show you an overview of the parts included with your freedom flex, and then take you slowly through assembling everything from the clamps and base to the sadlehook and attaching your Resistance Cables.
Please note: The Freedom Flex shoulder stretcher is meant for those with upper body issues such as Frozen Shoulder, tighetened joints and muscle atrpohy.
This device specifically targets stretching so that you can gain flexibility, range of motion, and circulatory improvement.
Quick Glance: The Palm Grip Weights (1/2/3):
The Palm Grips weights are perfect for those needed a full rotary arm/shoulder workout outside of the using the Resistance Chair. Coming in weights of 1lb, 2lb, and 3lbs, the palm grips are simple, safe, extremely durable, and cheap compared to other free weights on the market. 
This video will show you what the Palm Grips look like, what you'll get in the box and how to pump these up for use with the Resistance Chair Exercise System.
The Continuing Fitness Palm Grips are a Resistance Chair product and one of our most popular accessories purchased outside of the Smooth Rider Bike and Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher!