Ball Exercise Chair - New Way To Work Out, Even At Work

8th Feb 2012

The workout industry is constantly changing so, here at we have to constantly change with it. We spotted the ball exercise chair on a couple of infomercials and online ads and thought to check it out. It seems that this product is starting to gain headway especially in the departments of fitness and workout with the appropriated age groups. The Ball Chair Exercise System is actually by Gaiam and has taken off sincegaiam-balance-ball-chair-colors1.jpg they started the campaign. The Ball Exercise Chair is simple, it's a workout ball in a chair on wheels with resistance bands. Eerily simliar to that of the Resistance Chair Exercise System, the ball chair is said to have great reviews and becoming really popular. 

The Gaiam Ball exercise chair might be coming to the if we can get something set up; which is looking to be a good possibility. There's not much accessories with the chair, and it's not going to tempt a lot of people that come to this site, but then again why not be a little up on the trends and offer something some people are looking for. The chair is designed by chiropractors and is for better posture and core strength. We'll keep you posted on what the news is on this chair and when exactly we'd get it.